Callum Doty

Relationships/Community Culture Identity Environment Branding/Design/Typography Language/Communication

This is a 4-8 player social deduction game concerning subtle hints and observations via a mind-bending dialogue. This is it, in order for you to truly understand you must play, so the rest of this description is about the process. To begin, Palter was conceptualized through critical analysis of interests, comparing feasibility of projects, and studying numerous, successful social deduction games. The game had to be fundamentally simple with few complexities. Over the course of three months, there were over five versions of the game, dozens of user tests, a volatile, iterative process, package design, and product documentation. The most time and effort was pointed toward the quality of gameplay, working out kinks and implementing feedback. The thought behind every iteration entailed how to make a fun, simple, replayable, and recognizable card game. The most difficult aspect of this project was not physical or about the the game itself. Rather, it was facing the infinite variety of feedback coming from a vast audience in different environments. @tharealdoty