A Repeated Self Reflection

Emily Woodard

Identity Branding/Design/Typography

My initial project was a mini “room” installation. I wanted to design various patterns to cover as many surfaces as possible. My five tattoos inspire the images I made for my designs. Each has a meaning to me ranging from my childhood to who I am as a person about to graduate from art school. I wanted to present these patterns in a way that introduces myself in a nonconventional way. The other two pattern designs (the Dragon being my Chinese Zodiac Sign and the Calla Lilly) are from the pillow that goes along with the pansy-patterned chair in the space. I would have walls up, but I could not make that happen due to materials and time. Instead, I have created a website which is a digital archive for all of the 168 pattern variations that reside. I was able to showcase a smaller version of the project, which I have documented and have images located in the binder publication. On @emilygrace_studio on Instagram, I have posted some of the in-process photos I have taken of creating these works of art under the highlights section.

emilygracestudio.org @emilygrace_studio https://www.linkedin.com/in/emily-woodard-b9677a26b