How to be Eco Friendly on Mars

Tony Bennett

Environment World Building 3D Rendering

This project is a reimagining of one of my old projects from my second semester in VCU’s GDES program. I have always had a fascination and love for anything regarding space travel and colonizing Mars. This turned into my passion project overnight. I wanted to create a conceptual publication how humans can colonize and live on Mars while treating its environment with care, while also briefly addressing the faults of mankind regarding the current state of our environment. I gave more focus on the idea of how we can be eco friendly on Mars with the help of a company and a companion app, so that humanity can hopefully take off into the stars and prosper on different exoplanets. Furthermore this project allowed me to learn more about publication work, Blender and 3D modeling as a whole, and the whole printing process.

I originally wanted to have a dual timeline where humanity fails to use the tools given to them that are necessary for survival on different planets in addition to the timeline in which we use the tools given to us, but the scope of the project was too large for the amount of time given. I also wanted to do more research about different moons within our solar system such as Europa and Titan, as well as exoplanets not within our solar system, and how we could travel to such places and survive as a species.

I hope you immerse yourself and enjoy it. @bennettdesigns_vcu