Paola Veliz

Identity Emotion

Oh, how controlling the body can be. The body and mind make someone who they are. You are born with your body and with that your mind is confined to it as well. The only escape being death itself to free the mind. I have never felt comfortable in my own skin. I have always felt confined to it. I am in a seemingly-never ending cycle of analysis of myself. I am different with every glance I take and I am not in control. In this space of reflection and transformation that I conjured up, I have given myself the power to be in control. Within this digital space, I can transform myself into something seemingly beautiful through my own metamorphosis. To be like a flower is to be appreciated and adored. A form of beauty. Can I become a flower?

Using 3D modeling, I have constructed a space that reflects my mind like a room. Within this room I undergo a transformation that cannot be achieved without digital means. With this project I hope to explore the uncanny as well as reflect on my own feeling of myself.

veliznp.myportfolio.com/ @paolanveliz