13 Seeds of Intent

Jennifer Bui

Culture Identity Religion/Spirituality

“13 Seeds of Intent” is a sculptural piece and publication that plays off of the common metaphor within Buddhism of the ‘seed’. Many Buddhists speak of the ‘seeds’ that are within one self. We have seeds of many values and principles inside of us – the seeds of violence and love, of selfishness and of service, of blindness and of understanding, of ego and of humility. Our seeds are watered since we are born, starting out largely from our environments as we take in everything around us. As we grow up, we start to water these seeds ourselves, with and without intentionality. The practice of mindfulness and meditation is watering the good seeds intentionally and refraining from watering the bad seeds. This project contains meditations on mantras or seeds that were written during a hospitalization that would become the most meditative eight days I have had.

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