Celia Donnelly

Identity Emotion World Building

Since I was 9, I’ve wanted to make comics. Storytelling is my design practice: I’ve made a video game, comics, zines, books, and short films. This comic is more complex, as it weaves together those past worlds into a new narrative. The title “Somewhere” references the video game I coded called “Nowhere”, and there are other subtleties woven throughout the story. Questions asked in conversation and in class, and an overarching narrative that has connected all my work of trying to capture life as it happens. The character’s feelings in this book are autobiographical but the character is not me. To me, life is contradictory, and it feels like wandering, as though I exist nowhere, simply in time and in motion. I’ve drawn 16 pages capturing this feeling in 3 parts, a slice-of-life, a coming-of-age story following one girl growing up, and wondering why she’s here on earth. @curledlight @celiaruley