Lindsay O'Neill

Nostalgia Relationships/Community Memory Identity Movement Emotion

When a mode of escapism turned into the very thing I wanted to escape from, the line that separates passion from indifference began to blur…

In a pursuit to rekindle my love for creation, I dedicated this semester to fostering the relationship between myself and my design practice. While this process was highly explorative and nonlinear, investigating how to manage this disinterest, redirect my artistry, and restore the joy of a neglected passion rewarded me with the vibrant desire for discovery I had forgotten. Through experimentation with a variety of mediums such as painting, logo and font design, poetry, and illustration, I nurtured my growing appetite for creative expression and provided space for this playful process to guide me without fear of discordance. To visually document and display the systems in this body of work, I arranged my collection into a collage-style poster.