Kyree Fisher

Relationships/Community Branding/Design/Typography World Building

Worldbuilding is the art of crafting immersive experiences, with connectivity at its core. By creating interwoven relationships between characters, locations, cultures, and events, a world comes alive, drawing in readers or players and creating a sense of history and society.

Overworld is a comprehensive worldbuilding program designed to assist users in creating these rich, complex, and interwoven worlds. Whether someone is creating for a Role Playing Game such as Dungeons & Dragons or any other creative endeavors, it offers an array of tools and features to help users organize and visualize the different elements of their world. Overworld’s large connected graph displays relationships between items, allowing users to see how different aspects of their world impact each other. Users can add maps, boards, character sheets, and more to view details about their worlds and its connections. It’s a comprehensive suite of tools for worldbuilding, perfect for creators.

To view the prototype and see more of Overworld, visit this link.

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