Lazy Art + Making

Ashley Choi

Relationships/Community Identity Environment Fashion Language/Communication Emotion

The Sleep Kit is designed to alleviate stress, enabling you to relax and sleep better. It includes a sleep mask, a blanket, a pillow, and a set of notecards, all of which are intended to provide comfort when work becomes overwhelming, draining your energy, motivation, and creativity. Taking breaks and even allowing yourself to be lazy can create space for intimacy between work and art. In my process book, I share my craft, documenting how I create the sleep mask and blanket. The close-up of my hands, materials, stitches, pins, and various tools illustrate the intricate handcrafting process. As each product is handmade and delicate, there may be imperfections. This connects to the idea of laziness. I encourage interactions with the products, to touch and feel their textures. My hope is that each piece will provide comfort during times of stress and be a meaningful addition to your self-care routine. @aashley.gc