Jung Yoon Han

Nostalgia Memory Identity Emotion

“Accumulation is the result of my obsession and that philosophy is the main theme of my art. Accumulation means the stars in the universe don’t exist by themselves nor does the earth exist by itself.” — Kusama Yayoi

Our lives are composed of moments that accumulate to form our identity and memory. From birth to death, we experience a range of emotions, from love and joy to hatred and depression. It is these moments that shape us into who we are today. Through human life that gradually fades with passing time, this scrapbook is composed with three chapters of a collection of moments accumulated over time.

First chapter is a [full-time dreamer]. As a child, I had lots of dreams and imaginations of my future. But as I grew older, My idealistic views of the world were destroyed by the harshness of reality, and those dreams were replaced with disappointment and ruin. This chapter shows that I still cling on to the purity of imagination that allows me to continue dreaming.

Second chapter is a [boring climax] that shows the destructive feelings and anxiety experienced everyday. It illustrates how the unconscious mind can take over during times of stress, leading to feelings of being overwhelmed or paralyzed with fear, also how depression, panic disorder, anxiety disorder, and fear can manifest themselves in my daily life and how these feelings can lead to a sense of despair, dehumanization, and misery.

Last chapter [Happy Tragedy] demonstrates how I accept my past and cope with the hurts.

I find solace in loneliness, understand myself, and embrace. I felt lots of sympathy for myself so that I can move forward with a sense of warmth and calm while working on this chapter. I’m just showing how understanding hurt can help to gain self-acceptance and ultimately find the inner strength needed to love yourselves.

By taking time to reflect on these moments, we can gain a greater understanding of ourselves and our place in the world. We can learn how to accept ourselves for who we are, and find dignity in all aspects of life. There is no life without being hurt, but living without being hurt is not a happy life either. Everyone lives with hurt. What we can and should do is to develop inner strength that will not be fatal in the face of any sharp edge of the world, and mental ability to heal ourselves in spite of injury. Learning to accept and love ourselves can be a difficult process, especially when we have experienced hurt in the past. We can use the accumulation of our life experiences to help us overcome difficult times, by embracing the lessons they have taught us and finding ways to console ourselves when needed. I hope my work could help someone having a hard time to face and accept their past.

Embrace and Love! @oneaffection