A Space out of Phase

Paris Dinh

Family Nostalgia Memory Identity

When time deteriorates architectural spaces, their only means of identification are the past memories of its inhabitants. As the state of my childhood home becomes undefined due to my parents divorce, I am aiming to preserve my presence and memories within a cartographic framework of the renovated barn I grew up in. This preservation occurs in the form of a handcrafted publication and consists of a coalescence of memory drawings, film photos, and personal writings. Memory is being both preserved and explored within the pages and follows a journey of sporadic stream of consciousness writing/design to a more distorted finish. This change in aesthetic throughout the book parallels my process of remembering the Barn. My memory is distorted by the euphoric filter I put on the past, the emptiness I feel in the present, and the anxious ruminating over the future state of the house. With my memories of living there fading, this publication will allow me to preserve the visuals of my home and locate the forgotten memories inside it.

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