Patterns of Degradation

Paige Cassidy

Environment Deterioration Degradation Alteration

Patterns of Degradation explores different forms of ecological degradation that impact Massachusetts- specifically the Cape Cod area. Oil spills, algal blooms, and red tides all have lasting effects on this area, composed of bays and a canal. As time goes on, ecological degradation significantly affects the makeup of the area and deteriorates healthy ecosystems. Strangely enough, these harmful and toxic effects create beautiful natural patterns- almost forming a new landscape. By translating these patterns into resin, I hope to not only bring attention to the initial deceitful nature of these forms of degradation, but also the increasing regularity of it. The medium of resin aids to freeze frame these patterns in the moment just before they alter the makeup permanently. It suggests that at this moment, the patterns created may look intriguingly beautiful, but overtime they’ll consume the area, polluting it with toxins and filth. @paige.cassidyy