Sports Nostalgia: VCU's Hidden Gem

Ali Hamdan

Nostalgia Memory Identity Sports

Sports has been an influential activity in the human era. Every era and decade has an unforgettable moment that we remember for life. It’s the moment we started watching.In recent years, the phenomenon of retro uniforms has taken over the sports world. These throwbacks are loved by fans to commemorate the history of their beloved team. These uniforms have left a nostalgic feeling towards the fans and players. Through time, teams are going to evolve a change in brand and identity. Some fans love it and some fans hate it. That’s why bringing back vintage jerseys gives the fans excitement and they’ll bring it to the games. One of the few things a high schooler mostly has experienced has been a Friday night football game. Once you enter VCU, that football excitement goes away. Instead of going to a game on Saturday, you’re stuck in your house watching other NCAA schools play. It’s not fun when the University of Richmond has a football team but not VCU. For years the students have been asking for a football team. There’s a hidden gem the university is missing and the students and alumni want back that nostalgic vibe of an outdoor sport. What if VCU had a football team? All the way from the beginning when we were once a school called Richmond Professional Institute (RPI). It was the school that made the university it is today. Believe it or not, our mascot was the Green Devils before we changed to the Ram. The school should consider taking a look at our history and bringing it into our sports teams today. Even better, bring in a football team and have them show up with a vintage VCU. It’s a hidden gem waiting to be unlocked.VCU would be the most passionate college without a football team in all of division I schools. Bring VCU nostalgic football again. @alihdesigns