Remote Intimacy

Kaya Windpainter

Relationships/Community Love Language/Communication Emotion Music

I started this project with the intention to create a poetry book that tapped into the sensory elements of poetry, contrasted with the typical left-justified, minimalist poetry books we consume. Through writing I came to the sense that people should have poetry read to them to truly immerse themselves. To get away from the depersonalization that comes from screens and video I settled on something more low tech, a vinyl record. Vinyls inspire conscious listening, because you are involved in making the music play. Headphones are included to isolate the poetry from the surrounding sound, but it is also written out, so as not to disinclude those who are deaf or hard of hearing, but to capture the movement of the sound it is written out on sheet music. My intention with this piece is to inspire people to include writing or reading poetry more in their daily life. @kayawindpainter_art