Benevite Inc.

Hannah Galligan

Culture Branding/Design/Typography Fashion

Benevite inc. is a branding project gone awry. Originally, the subject was primarily intended to comment on the pharmaceutical industry’s bad habit of creating and mishandling various crises. As I delved deeper into my research of pharma giants such as Purdue; however, the focus of the project shifted away from commentary on the ethics of commercial healthcare. Instead, my attention migrated more towards the innocuous branding and promotional merch utilized to sell incredibly addictive pharmaceuticals. Deadstock Percocet fanny packs and cutesy Oxycontin plushies are heavily sought after today and can be very difficult to come by, thus an underground market of bootleg Purdue merch has emerged in their stead. Ultimately, Benevite inc. is not only a branding project, it is an opportunity to see how an infamous brand could be bootlegged to achieve a less serious, contemporary identity.