Nilbog Fonts

Kalib Hubbard

Culture Branding/Design/Typography Language/Communication Music

For my thesis project I set out to design two expressive typefaces, each with unique personalities, pulling inspiration from two subcultures I am very passionate about, graffiti writing, and extreme metal music. The first of my typefaces are called Paraffin, for its bubbling, smooth appearance. This face was heavily influenced by the strong presence of graffiti in Richmond and was designed to create logos and titles with overlapping characters that mimic graffiti lettering. The second typeface I designed is called Orcus, after the ancient Etruscan god of the underworld. This face was designed with influences from death metal logos, black letter fonts, and extreme metal. I then used these fonts to generate two expressive, eight page zines demonstrating the type in various use cases. Both of these fonts are available to download for free at @Goblin_soup*13kymxk*_ga*MjAwMjg3NTYxNS4xNjYwODc2MTUw*_ga_6LJN6D94N6*MTY4MjEzMDU3Mi4xOS4xLjE2ODIxMzA1OTAuMC4wLjA.