Citizen Score 1

Marcus Hancock

Relationships/Community Culture Identity World Building

“Citizen Score 1” is an immersive sculpture installation featuring a hatch door and ladder that lead to a dystopian world with low oxygen levels, requiring a gas mask. The hatch, ladder, wayfind map, and oxygen box were built by Dreadcorp, a mega-corporation. Active Pattern, their security corporation, manages the website (, which features three surveillance videos from the camera on the hatch door, following a family’s attempt to return to the surface.

Through this project, viewers contemplate the possibilities of a dystopian future and the role of corporations in creating it. The immersive experience and interactive website raise questions about society, power, and survival.

The hatch door and ladder evoke a sense of danger and intrigue, while the wayfind map and oxygen box provide an immersive experience. The surveillance videos offer a glimpse into the world of Aiyo, where individuals face the consequences of corporate power. @marcdemax @aiyowah