A gif of the exhibition title, Ambrosia, in Hoss Sharp with various glyphs and images shuffling and replacing random letters in the word.



Ambrosia is a taste of everything—rare remedy, sweet treat, senior show.

Ambrosia is made with chopped pineapple, peeled and divided mandarin oranges, mini marshmallows , and shavings of coconut combined in sour cream-an unexpected medley.

Ambrosia is a food of the gods in ancient Greek myths derived from the root word mer- "to rub away harm" and whoever consumed it was granted longevity.

Our final exhibition, dedicated to the capstone projects of VCU Graphic Design Class of 2022, is the recipe for relief for the post-college journey in a post-pandemic time; a mouthful of specialty, healing, and affinity. This is Ambrosia.