A gif of the exhibition title, Ambrosia, in Hoss Sharp with various glyphs and images shuffling and replacing random letters in the word.

Zoe Pearson

A glyph of a paintbrush.

Redo Revamp: Hood Vogue

My name is Zoe Pearson. The collection, Hood Vogue, is a continuation of a group project I did my sophomore year. I stayed connected with two out of five of my group members and we used our common interest of thrifting to continue and revamp our project from the past. We went to a local Richmond thrift store together to pick out clothes to reconstruct and upcycle as well as dabbling in new mediums we wanted to learn or new mediums we recently picked up.

COVID put a halt to our overall plan sophomore year so we did not get the chance to fulfill our full vision, which was to have a pop up shop. This time around the goal is to have a pop up shop and somehow, someway separate from our creations and actually sell them.

My portion of the project started out as me recreating my mom’s old photo archive with me inserting myself in her old photos and recreating them as a whole. Then, it changed when me, Yen and Shayla decided to group up again. But, I didn’t want to ditch my original idea as a whole so, although I changed the main idea and now shifted to revamping clothes again, I still pursued my original idea in a way. Through our experience as a revamped group, I have documented and created a video archive of our process. This way I am still creating a timeline and archive in a sense. I also decided to use this opportunity to pick up and try new mediums like airbrushing and painting on wood and fabrics.

Handwritten signature from Zoe Pearson in black.