American culture has always had a deep influence on Soviet life and contemporary Eastern European culture. This all began with a statement at a 1933 Soviet Comedy Conference in which a spokesman announced “Give us a Russian Mickey Mouse.” Even today we can see parallels in contemporary Russian music referencing American brands, slang, and icons. This connection to past and present has informed Zorya, a fictional theater group that puts on shows based on my childhood and present. The images used throughout Zorya’s site are taken from specific scenes of childhood Soviet animations and films and paired with contemporary Russian lyrics to create a completely new narrative that is often humorous in appearance. This is a space that explores identity and storytelling, but also functions as an archive of my present and past. The name Zorya comes from a Slavic mythological being symbolizing a trio (myself and two sisters) and the colors are chosen to reflect our childhood favorite colors. In essence, Zorya is a place to create a new story informed by childhood nostalgia and contemporary text.