Our lives are full of chapters. Each chapter varies in length and content but contains key elements that develop the story. During each chapter, we have the opportunity to experience something new, build an understanding of the topic I’ve been involved with, and then reflect on what I’ve learned and how I can use that information to have a better experience in the future.

While chapters can be quick sprints of growth, they can also be vicious cycles where we struggle with ourselves to overcome. Without growth, we can skip our way through chapters without truly learning what we need to, but– like skipping the pages of a book– this will lead to confusion later in your story.

There are seven main dimension of well-being, or as we call them, “seeds”. Each seed needs care and attention that is given in different ways that are unique to the individual. We can care for multiple seeds with a single action and this is what we’ll call “sewing seeds”.

This story is about planting, growing, and sewing seeds. Each chapter of this story was an experiment with growth to find out how each seed in my life needs to be cared for, what that care looks like, and how I can work to sew all these seeds together into something that will create a more whole version of myself, with a deeper understanding of who I am and how I want to carry myself.