Closing off one of the most bizarre times in my twenty-one years of life, I sought to create a tribute to all that made this past year unusually noteworthy. TimeCap is a project that not only honors the current events from 2020-2021, but extends itself to admire the city, Richmond, and the people who were characters of my experience.

Researching, archiving, and most importantly, storytelling were the focal methods in creating this publication. One of the most prominent sections to look for is the portraits of the VCUarts Graphic Design senior class of 2021.

A personal note from April 12th, 2021:

"When I drafted the first portrait as a trial run, I connected deeply to the person I was drawing. Memories filled my mind from start to finish. I discovered that drawing a classmate became my ultimate way of storytelling in this publication. This process of collecting and creating brought my entire project together. I thank all these designers for allowing me to interpret their photos into a contour drawing, but more importantly, for sharing memories (big and small) with me through this program.

When I leave here, I'll remember one thing above all– the people that made it real.