A gif of the exhibition title, Ambrosia, in Hoss Sharp with various glyphs and images shuffling and replacing random letters in the word.

Sui Aoki

A glyph of a pencil.

Painting a Mural and All Things Considered

Sui Aoki, a Japanese-American, queer, Seattle, WA local artist is painting a new mural in their home city. Located near their usual go-to Joann craft store, and visible from a busy road, this new mural will surely brighten the community with plenty of color and diversity! The artist is also facilitating a 6 week workshop leading a group of middle school students from the Environmental and Adventure School, where Sui also graduated from in 2011. The workshop walks the students through the processes of ideating, designing, and executing the mural. They will be assisting Sui with the painting of the mural, which is planned to be completed on May 25th, 2022. To accompany and present this project, Sui has also self-produced a documentary following their experience creating this large scale piece. Sui is excited to share this culmination of their education and kindlings of their career as a multimedia designer.

A side of a building, where the wall is covered by a mural illustration in pastel pinks, greens, blues, oranges, and yellows. The illustration features a crowd of people, of all different cultures and ages, standing on the street with various buildings behind them. Some of the people appear to be looking up towards something on the right, while a person dances towards the back. Another is grabbing produce on the left. It is a joyous scene of smiling people. To the right of the mural, Sui stands facing the left with their arm up, demonstrating a size comparison to the large mural. A blue and white outline is drawn around Sui. To the right of them is text that reads, “New Public Art in Lynnwood, WA” in a sans-serif bold condensed font. “New” is in red, while the rest is in green, and all of the text is outlined with white.
Handwritten signature from Sui Aoki in black.