Clouded from suffocated thoughts of interactions, expressions, reactions – the body retreats into a safe space; this haven for personal imagination and projection. To not be perceived from the outside, the inside is tall, expansive, billowing freely – away from the streamlines of others. The being – revising, rehearsing, reenacting – occasions that they wished they had the insight to see into intentions. A defense mechanism from the pain and intrusive thoughts lurking in the depths of themself.

The child – who found solace and salvation in slumber and dreams – curls in fear within the darkness. Separated from that familiar space. Unable to move, as not to disturb the looming suffocation of eyes within the unrecognizable. An outside perception borne from internal anguish, cynics who muddies the answers, pushing them to leave parts of themself behind for the imagined sake of the other. Until they are nothing but fragments.

The light blue glow of a rabbit comes across the child, and begins to bounce in circles around them. There's something familiar about this presence – a persona of what's to come. Seeing the rabbit act in confidence in this void – a contradiction to the child's inability – filled them with comfort. The child begins to get up and take steps to find themself, and where they belong.

This is dedicated to the child who spent time dreaming of all the roles they could fulfill.

This is dedicated to the child who never once thought anyone could control them.

This is dedicated to the child who is learning to forgive themself.