Where is Home? is an online exhibition, studying the world’s endangered or threatened animals. The collection shows the beauty of diversity and attempts to remind and alarm people that we are at risk of losing nature and the environment. The purpose of this website is to introduce different species and highlight their struggle to survive.

There are 41,415 species on the IUCN Red List, but it is increasing rapidly. The species have been put in danger due to environmental and genetic reasons, however, recently it is mostly due to people's greed. There are many more species that face the threat of extinction, so it is important for us to always pay attention and remember that the earth is for every living creature.

This website includes other donation or organization websites that you could further research on. Furthermore, you could shop and download the items that feature some of the species on this website.

Where is Home? hopes to send a message to the world to inspire and provoke thoughts on this topic. Currently, this website has featured animals from two regions, Australia and the Arctic; however, it is aimed to be continued.