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Intertwining the dualities of ikigai with the experience of dealing with dissociation.

iki + bio = ikibio
*iki: from the word “ikigai”, which means life; to find happiness or satisfaction in the things you love, big or small.
*bio: from the word “bisociation”; when two previously incompatible contexts are blended simultaneously to create a new pattern of thought.

♥ IK: It’s Kawaii ♥
The cute, fluffy, comfortableness that radiates from the ideal form of happiness. The personification of pink pastels. It embraces joy in the here and now, pleasant memories, and anything big or small that gives purpose in life.

♥ IB: It’s Blurry ♥
When overcome by heavy symptoms of depersonalization/dissociation, a dream-like state arises as a defensive coping mechanism to keep others at a distance, whether wanted or unwanted. Dark aura, a self unknown, makes it hard to function normally.

♥ IO: It’s Ordinary ♥
Someone who your parents would approve of. In normalized society, this is a representative of somewhat safe vibrancy. Priorities focused on professional success while also searching for personal happiness.

Throughout Sharon’s evolving design practice, multiple forces have competed against each other to identify her art and self. While on the discovery process of the side effects of depersonalization, this project serves as an exploration to understand how to represent herself in these different ways.