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Pa’ Hacerte El Cuento Corto is a project that I made entirely for myself. I’ve always made work about my Puerto Rican heritage through the lens of sharing that culture with the world, educating people in a way. But doing that never felt as intimate as I felt like it should have been, so I decided to explore my heritage with a more personal approach, something just for me and my family. This project started out as an exploration on what aspects of Puerto Rico I find comforting, even though I haven’t lived there my entire life and I’m so far away. But it turned into an archive of family photos. While doing research and digging up photos I realized that I already knew what is comforting about Puerto Rico– my family. I have so many fond memories of being with my family in Puerto Rico that just thinking about it brings me comfort. This photobook is a compilation of film photos of Puerto Rico that my family has had stored for years, of family gatherings, holidays, day trips, and more alongside some photos I took only a few years ago. To go with the photos, I made a series of 10 posters inspired by these photos and general things about Puerto Rican culture.