Self realization is a lifelong process of asking who am I, really? How can I get in touch with my real self? How can I truly become myself? I often see that much of my life is guided by what I think I should be rather than what I am. I exist simply in response to others. This calls for more questions. Who am I beyond all this surface behavior? How can I become the self of my own?

The purpose of this project is to take a closer look at these types of questions through the lense of an artist. To ask these questions about the self, but to also ask similar questions about the self as an artist. Who am I as an artist? What work do I make and why? Does my work also exist simply as a response to others around me? Is good art only that which elicits a positive reaction? How can I make work that reflects who I really am?

I want to find those moments in which I feel I am myself and reproduce or represent them in some way. I want to create art outside of the confines of preconceived ideas of what good art is. I want to make art that I want to make, not art that I think I ought to make. I want to truly believe that my art is valid because I made it. This is the purpose of self realization.