FROM 12 TO 22


I started going to concerts when I was about twelve years old. Ever since then, they have been experiences that I wanted to constantly relive. The memories of these shows meant so much to me that it led me to take photographs of almost the entire concert and I enjoyed every second of it. I wanted to capture these moments at these concerts so that I could relive them. The more photographs I took the more I realized how passionate I was about them. I didn’t care that I had to sort through hundreds or even thousands of images to find a single good one, I was just so happy to live the experience. As I got older, I started to get more serious about these images and wondered if I could make it a career. In college, I ended up working part time for a radio station which allowed me to shoot shows as a job. Every show that I had the opportunity to shoot was such an exciting experience. Capturing the high quality images and being able to go home and spend hours editing them is my absolute favorite thing to do. Editing photographs is as big of a part of my process as taking the photographs is. Which is why I chose this topic for my thesis. I wanted to show the evolution of this passion of mine and how much it has grown over the years and give people an inside look at my process.