A gif of the exhibition title, Ambrosia, in Hoss Sharp with various glyphs and images shuffling and replacing random letters in the word.

Michael O'Connell

A glyph of a crayon.

Big Trouble

The goal of this piece was to encapsulate the various mediums used in my practice in a single piece. I wanted to create a variety of spaces for my audience to live in with my character. This piece was a study in craft as well as storytelling. I faced many obstacles in trying to create a character that resonated with the audience without the use of dialogue or facial expressions. Because of this, I tried to create spaces that externally conveyed the interior emotions of the character. In terms of craft, it was definitely a challenge juggling so many different mediums week to week, but I am now a better artist because of it. I hope to create more series like this in the future as a way to further my research in craft and story.

A metallic robot head lit with orange light, sitting in front of a large, orange glowing circle on a dark green wall.
Handwritten signature from Michael O'Connell in black.