Sleight of Hand is a challenging and experimentation of the various roles and aspects of a playing card. With the three decks that the project composes, the designer Kom attempts to highlight the values a playing card has as a medium of storytelling, as the medium of various card games, and as a medium for an artist to express their visual style. To do this, he examines the systems that underlie within a playing card, the historical precedents set by generations of designs preceding the modern playing card, and the catalogue of styles that the playing card has accumulated in its storied journey across the world in its history. Building an understanding of these systems allows for a deconstruction of them, an experimentation of the elements behind a deck’s design and its existence as a whole and as a collective. The result of this research and experimentation are the following decks: The “Dark Beyond” deck, an occult-themed deck that warns those who look upon it of what horrors lie waiting in a void beyond our understanding; the “Neon” deck, a colorful collection of cards that abstract the conventional design of a playing card; and finally, the “Pastel Palace” deck, a pop art themed deck that highlights the bounciness of the art style, with illustrations provided by Ricardo Ortiz.