Mestiza is a clothing line that celebrates all people coming from all different backgrounds. It especially celebrates people who come from a multicultural background. Mestiza, defined: in the Philippines, Filipino Mestizo (masculine) / Mestiza (feminine), or colloquially “Tisoy”, are people of mixed native Filipino and any foreign ancestry. In my case, I am half Filipino and half Irish American. I think it is important to reflect on the importance of representation within the mixed communities. This project really reflects me, and celebrates other biracial people in a way where there is a sense of community. And from my cultures, that’s what’s really important– feeling like family. In the introductory launch for Mestiza, I wanted to explore and focus on themes such as unity, being proud, and the different words to describe mixed people. Mestiza believes strongly in identity, spirit, and growth. Mestiza’s mission is to help people grow in identity, and to liberate through fashion, as well as share artist’s stories.