(she/her) is a handmade website for those that come from U.S. military families and share the unique experiences that come with living a heavily structured and nomadic lifestyle. It’s a social space that allows for members to connect with one another and share memories, thoughts, and advice. 

Though many online resources for military families exist, they are often only attractive and accessible to military members themselves and tend to focus solely on topics related to education and child care. The truly enriching mental health and community building resources that are referenced in these sites are usually hosted by civilians or an unrelated third party, leading to a disconnection from a large part of what shapes this community’s identity. 

This is very relevant to my own experience as a military kid. A large part of it involved coping with change alone at a young age and never being able to identify or develop a true, lasting social group. My ultimate goal with this site is to create and nurture an open environment where these experiences can be discussed, regardless of where one is physically.