A brand inspired by e-girl culture for those inspired by e-girls. Demonstrating the magic of ahegao and sexuality; this brand will fit right into your collection of sexy anime figurines and body pillows.

RNBWGRL is looking to satisfy your urge to bring rainbows and sexiness together. With the power of holographic coloring, anime ahegao faces are brought to an even more exciting level. Piss off your neighbors, disappoint your parents, make your laptop scream “I watch hentai!”. This is what RNBWGRL wants to accomplish; helping you stand out with your cool anime merch.

RNBWGRL was founded in January of 2020 and as of April 25th, 2021 has over 2,800 sales!

With this brand, I wanted to make something unique for anime fans to collect. Originally RNBWGRL started as a sticker only store but with the help of this project I have been able to expand my product areas. Currently, there are stickers, t-shirts, and keychains available to purchase. I am looking to continue expanding this brand as long as it continues to flourish.