What are your TOP 5? Can’t answer that so quickly huh? You’re stuck between your fourth and fifth spot of which belongs and what doesn’t. This causes for conversation and deep debate of what is better than the other. Yes, this is personal opinion, yet it has some truth, and a hint of bias to selection.

No one shall have the same top 5, no matter what category. Sports, music, food, luxury etc. At times, the debate can cause collision. Swearing against on another to which is the best of them all. Each feels a point to prove. Again, this isn’t a leaderboard or real stats, but yet a mental state. One represents what she/he/they love and stand by any means necessary.

This is no battlefield of hate, but a companion of rivalry and love for one another. Whether the other side believes the opposite, it is a sport of love. A bond.. A connection.. a symbol of being together in this force of number stats.

My research conducts from my personal experience, love, passion, and memories I hold dearly to which I declare to be my “TOP 5.” It is hard indeed at times to choose and pick which I should drop or keep. In the end, I make a decision and let it all rest.