This semester, senior Cassie Grace has curated an exhibition that focuses on building the gallery around the art. Surface LVL is a unique art experience forged onto a public server on Minecraft, a well-known, versatile gaming platform often used for building community spaces and enabling individuals to design unique worlds.

Walk, run, and fly around this immersive exhibition space. The artists in this exhibition were prompted to consider the idea of the surface, and how far literally and figuratively they can push beyond the surface using this gaming platform. You can join us in celebrating opening night by joining the multiplayer server at 

If you do not own Minecraft, head over to the exhibition website to check out our walkthroughs and virtual gallery space!!

*** I would like to take this space to thank all the participating artists who embraced my project and worked on the server with excitement and new energy. Thank you for dealing with my tight timeline and for being engaged all the way through. ***