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Alana Ward

A glyph of a crayon.

Dress the Part

Fashion is used as a form of self-expression but also presents major issues as the world's second most polluting industry. As trends turn over faster and faster a growing want for a different fashion model is needed to ensure that resources aren’t depleted. Fashion sustainability brings up conversations specifically about ethical practices surrounding where materials for clothing is coming from, how it is being produced and the conditions for the workers that the clothing is being made in. These are all things overlooked by the fast fashion industry as ways to make more of a profit. Dress the Part is a hundred page book diving into the importance of change in the fashion industry. Broken down into six sections it talks about the topics of sustainability, fashion history, textile use, global pollution and garment workers.

This image shows a grid of book pages from the publication Dress the Part, 3 up and 4 across. Each spread of pages shows a different topic covered in the book.
Handwritten signature from Alana Ward in black.