(she/her) (Art) (Personal)

Anonymity is not always met with support from our society. There is no written law about what we can and can’t talk about but we’ve created this societal norm that makes us believe that talking about personal things publicly isn’t something we're allowed to do. Through the process of self-disclosure I want to use anonymity as a positive tool to talk about these relationships freely. Anonymity can bring us together; we no longer need to think it causes disconnection. After submission I will use your material and render in within a piece of artwork for my senior show. It will still remain anonymous but I hope to create a space where it feels okay to share and see these personal moments in our lives, within a different context. The piece I create will not only help you see that “relationship” in a new way but allow others to relate and hear you without ever knowing you allowing new connections to be formed between all participants.

The project will continue after my show. If you’d like to participate you can submit here.