A variety pack is a promise.

A promise to the audience that within a certain container, an assortment of delights, a menagerie of offerings are available to suit their taste. The inherent charm of the Class of 2021 lies in the diverse array of our backgrounds, design methodologies, and talents. This year’s Senior Exhibition, Variety Pack, makes the same promise to you– that through a careful perusal of our humble container you will find the work of a designer, an artist, a friend, a family member that you are excited to reach into and enjoy.

Our class has witnessed many major events within the department and the greater global community. Each time we are faced with changes and obstacles, we take our own measures to overcome and succeed despite struggle.

We are the last to come from cohorts of red, green, and blue. We grew our design community over the past few years, and now have expanded in order to partake in this final exhibition together.

As we leave this familiar space, we must be reminded of the strength in our variety. We are as great as the sum of our parts; our diversity is as beautiful as it is valuable.

Thank you to our loved ones, our dedicated faculty, and each other.

Special Thanks to David Shields, Jamie Mahoney, and Lauren Thorson for your guidance and support.